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Unveiling the Future of Customer Experience: A Deep Dive into Paris World Tour 2024

Afaf Marbouh February 13, 2024

Aspynergy's dedication to holistic solutions is underscored by strategic partnerships with FinDock, Gonexa, Gridmate, and Vera Solutions.

Afaf Marbouh December 22, 2023

Apsynergy partners with Gridmate to bump up the Salesforce UI/UX for non profits

Afaf Marbouh December 15, 2023

What's New in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Winter '24

Afaf Marbouh December 6, 2023

Apsynergy-Gonexa Collaboration Reshapes Tax receipts for Non Profits

Afaf Marbouh November 21, 2023

5 Sessions not to be missed this year for French Touch Dreamin

Afaf Marbouh November 16, 2023

Getting started with and the Non Profit Cloud

Afaf Marbouh September 27, 2023
Apsynergy attends at the Salesforce World Tour Paris 2023

Apsynergy attends at the Salesforce World Tour Paris 2023

admin May 3, 2023
Apsynergy's new client on Nonprofit Success Pack: RoseUp

Apsynergy announces RoseUp as a new client on

admin April 20, 2023
Salesforce Albanian Dreamin 2023

Top 3 reasons why I am going to the Albanian Dreamin Conference 2023

admin April 18, 2023

Apsynergy and FinDock Join Forces

Afaf Marbouh April 6, 2023

Apsynergy and Vera Solutions Team Up: Partnership announcement

Afaf Marbouh January 27, 2023
Connecter Mailchimp et Salesforce avec Zapier

How to connect Mailchimp and Salesforce with Zapier

Afaf Marbouh November 14, 2022

My session program for Salesforce North Africa Dreamin 2022

Afaf Marbouh October 7, 2022
apsynergy-Comment-devenir consultant-Salesforce

How to become a Salesforce consultant?

Afaf Marbouh September 15, 2022
apsynergy-Pourquoi Salesforce est il un excellent CRM pour les associations (1)

Why should you become a Salesforce developer?

Afaf Marbouh September 15, 2022

Why is Salesforce a great CRM for associations and NGOs?

Afaf Marbouh September 15, 2022
Salesforce training

Zoom and Salesforce integration

Afaf Marbouh September 3, 2022
apsynergy-Thumbnail Session NPSP Session #1 How do Non Profit Cloud and Non Profit Success Pack (NPSP) work?

Afaf Marbouh July 20, 2022
apsynergy-Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 14.40.27

Salesforce Flow et possibilités Low Code - Formation Salesforce Gratuite

Afaf Marbouh July 11, 2022

Salesforce Award Apsynergy Learning initiative for sharing free salesforce trainings with the Non Profit community !

Afaf Marbouh July 7, 2022

How to create Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce​

Afaf Marbouh June 30, 2022
Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 10.43.37

Debugging Apex-Aura LWC- Free Salesforce training

Afaf Marbouh June 9, 2022
Thumbnail outbound funds

How Grants Work - Outbound Funds (Non-Profit Cloud)

Afaf Marbouh May 24, 2022
Thumbnail Session _ Triggers and Execution

Triggers and order of execution

Raphael Wulff May 24, 2022
pages layouts and lightning pages

Pages layouts and lightning pages – Free Salesforce Training

Raphael Wulff May 13, 2022

How to train and up-skill tech people to become certified salesforce developers?

Raphael Wulff April 19, 2022

How Apsynergy helped Nihon Kohden train a global sales team in record time with a custom multilingual Salesforce Training?

Afaf Marbouh March 25, 2022
global IT firm

How can Apsynergy help a global IT firm recruit its team of local Salesforce developers in record time?

Afaf Marbouh March 8, 2022
Salesforce training

Apsynergy is launching a Free Salesforce training online platform available to all and Raphael Wulff is telling you why:

Raphael Wulff February 24, 2022
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