Unveiling the Future of Customer Experience: A Deep Dive into Paris World Tour 2024

Unveiling the Future of Customer Experience: A Deep Dive into Paris World Tour 2024

Get ready for an exhilarating journey into the heart of customer experience innovation at the Paris World Tour 2024, set to dazzle attendees on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, at Pavillon 6 of the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. This event is not just a date on the calendar; it’s a promise to explore the harmonious fusion of artificial intelligence (AI), a robust CRM platform, and dependable data to redefine team capabilities, supercharge productivity and creativity, and sculpt unforgettable customer experiences.

Discover the future of customer experience

 A Glimpse into Salesforce’s Latest Innovations:

Embark on a captivating journey into the avant-garde realm of customer experience as we showcase Salesforce’s latest wonders, including the Data Cloud platform and the groundbreaking Einstein AI. These innovations aren’t just technological marvels; they are the secret ingredients that empower businesses to wow their clients with solutions that are as sophisticated as they are effective.

Accelerate your journey to trusted AI

Real Stories, Real Inspiration:

Paris World Tour 2024 is not merely an event; it’s a launchpad for businesses to take off confidently into the world of AI. Immerse yourself in the wisdom shared by industry titans like Air France-KLM, Carrefour, Schneider, Michelin, Sodexo, Silae, Mobilize, and more. Hear their stories of initiating or accelerating AI deployments, giving you the inspiration and confidence needed to kickstart your own transformative journey.


Paris World Tour 2024 isn’t just an event; it’s an experience, an immersion into the future of customer-centric, AI-driven landscapes. Through engaging sessions, real-life testimonials, live demonstrations, and the opportunity for candid peer-to-peer discussions, this day is designed to offer you insights and brilliant ideas that will catapult your journey towards building a trustworthy AI infrastructure. Mark your calendars and join us at Pavilion 6, Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, on March 12, 2024, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Your roadmap to a customer-centric, AI-driven future starts here – and it’s bound to be as exhilarating as it is enlightening.

Aspynergy’s dedication to holistic solutions is underscored by strategic partnerships with FinDock, Gonexa, Gridmate, and Vera Solutions.

Aspynergy 2023: A look in the rear view mirror: New Salesforce Projects and Partnerships, Empowering Non Profits Across France

In the ever changing landscape of the nonprofit sector, Aspynergy has emerged as a pivotal player, driving impactful change through strategic partnerships and collaborative projects with new clients in the nonprofit space. This year, Aspynergy’s commitment to fostering effective mission achievement has been exemplified through innovative solutions and comprehensive training programs.

Parcours Alpha: Optimizing Donor Management with Givexpert-Salesforce Integration


Aspynergy’s focus on enhancing the management of donations took center stage with the integration of Givexpert into Parcours Alpha’s Salesforce ecosystem. This seamless integration ensures that every donation made on the Parcours Alpha website effortlessly syncs with Salesforce, creating opportunities, contacts, and payment records. This not only minimizes manual data entry but also ensures precision and speed in collecting donor information. Read More about the Givexpert Salesforce integration.


Fondation de France: Knowledge Transfer for Autonomous Teams


Beyond project implementations, Aspynergy extended its impact through extensive training programs. The Fondation de France benefited from an 11-week training initiative covering Salesforce fundamentals, security, automation, and Vera Solutions’ Amp Impact. This knowledge transfer positions the Fondation de France at the forefront of nonprofits leveraging technology for social impact.


Secours Catholique: Accelerating Salesforce Adoption

A flagship project for Aspynergy involved migrating Secours Catholique from a legacy project management tool to the Salesforce platform, leveraging “Outbound Funds.” The setup of the Outbound Funds application and the integration of Gridmate from the Salesforce AppExchange marked crucial milestones. These tools empowered Secours Catholique to manage outgoing funds with precision and gain advanced data visualization capabilities, laying the groundwork for improved decision-making and streamlined operations.

Strategic Partnerships: FinDock, Gonexa, Gridmate, and Vera Solutions

Aspynergy’s dedication to holistic solutions is underscored by strategic partnerships with FinDock, Gonexa, Gridmate, and Vera Solutions.


– The collaboration with FinDock introduced a powerful payment management platform seamlessly integrated with Salesforce. This synergy optimizes payment processes, allowing organizations to focus on their core missions.

– Partnering with Gonexa addressed nonprofit organizations’ document management needs, including Tax Receipts, streamlining processes for enhanced efficiency and compliance.

Apsynergy partners with Gridmate to bump up the Salesforce UI/UX for non profits

Apsynergy partners with Gridmate to bump up the Salesforce UI/UX for non profits

In a transformative collaboration, Apsynergy has teamed up with GridMate, renowned for library of Lightning components designed to streamline data management through a user-friendly interface.

Apsynergy: Elevating Nonprofits through Salesforce Best Practices

Apsynergy stands out as a Salesforce consultant partner committed to assisting non-profit organizations in focusing on their core mission. By expertly managing the Salesforce platform, Apsynergy ensures that nonprofits can leverage the full power of Salesforce without the burden of platform complexities. Their mission is to empower nonprofits by providing tailored Salesforce solutions, allowing them to optimize their operations and amplify their impact.

The initial use case for implementing Gridmate came about while discussing with one of our non profit customers. The requirement to replace a legacy application with Salesforce led Apsynergy to recommend using Gridmate instead of developing bespoke User Interface Lightning Web Components (LWC).

GridMate: Data Management with Actionable UI/UX

GridMate, on the other hand, presents a suite of Lightning components known for their ability to simplify intricate data management tasks. At the heart of GridMate’s offerings are features that elevate the Salesforce experience for users:

Grid Inline Editing:

Easily configure your data grid for inline editing on any object within your organization. This feature empowers users to make real-time changes without the need for cumbersome processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Grid Mass Action:

Execute mass actions such as creating, editing, cloning, deleting, emailing, and approvals seamlessly. This functionality extends to existing quick actions, providing a comprehensive toolkit for managing data at scale.

User Grid:

Customize your grid with features like filters, sorting criteria, grouping, conditional coloring, column freezing, and more – reminiscent of familiar functionalities found in spreadsheet applications. This flexibility ensures that users can tailor their experience based on their unique needs, much like working with Excel.

100% Native to Salesforce Lightning:

GridMate takes pride in being entirely native to Salesforce Lightning, ensuring a seamless and integrated user experience. This commitment to native components reflects in the platform’s performance and responsiveness, providing users with the best possible experience.

GridMate's Gift of 5 Free Lifetime Licenses

Eligible non-profit organizations are now presented with an exclusive opportunity to acquire five complimentary lifetime licenses of GridMate. This initiative underscores GridMate’s steadfast commitment to empowering non-profits by providing them with cutting-edge tools. These licenses are strategically designed to elevate and refine their data management capabilities, aligning with GridMate’s mission to support organizations in making a lasting impact through efficient and user-friendly solutions.

The partnership between Apsynergy and GridMate brings forth a powerful combination, aligning Apsynergy’s expertise in Salesforce consulting for nonprofits with GridMate’s innovative Lightning components. Moreover, Gridmate offer non profit specific pricing which makes it affordable for such end users. Nonprofit organizations can now leverage the simplicity of GridMate’s UI/UX enhancements while benefitting from Apsynergy’s tailored Salesforce solutions.

What’s New in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Winter ’24

What's New in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Winter '24

As we navigate the winter landscape, the latest Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Winter ’24 release emerges as a beacon of innovation, now seamlessly built on the powerful Salesforce Platform. These transformative updates promise to redefine the efficiency and agility of your nonprofit organization, aligning seamlessly with your unique mission and objectives.

Dive into Winter '24 Features

Explore the simplicity of enhanced features designed for nonprofit users in the Winter ’24 release:

  1. Actionable List Members
  2. Actionable Relationship Center (ARC)
  3. Actionable Segmentation
  4. Batch Management
  5. Business Rules Engine
  6. Data Processing Engine
  7. Service Process Studio
  8. Timeline


Elevate fundraising strategies with new Fundraising Apps seamlessly integrated into the native Salesforce platform:

  1. Holistic Fundraising Strategy
  2. Efficient Donor Engagement
  3. Philanthropy & Partnerships Tracking
  4. Streamlined Fundraising Operations

Gift Logging and Campaigns

Effortlessly log individual gifts or manage multiple gifts using Gift Batch Templates. Streamline campaign creation, management, and monitoring with personalized options for increased engagement.

Gift Commitment Management

Manage gift commitments effortlessly with new flows in Winter ’24. Enjoy scheduling flexibility, easy updates, and prompt responses to donor requests through the enhanced Donor Support Console.

Program Management

Comprehensive Participant Insights

Experience a holistic understanding of participant profiles with the newly introduced Participant Profile page in Salesforce. This centralized hub empowers program managers by providing a unified view of participant details, offering actionable insights derived from information on benefit disbursements, interaction summaries, complaints, alerts, and more.

Enhanced Benefit Tracking with Field Sets

Tracking and reviewing benefit details are now more accessible than ever. Leverage custom fields within field sets on the Benefit Disbursement object to effortlessly monitor past participant attendance and other pertinent details, streamlining your benefit tracking processes.

Distinguishing Benefit Schedule Participants and Sessions

Benefit Schedule Assignment records are now invaluable tools for program managers, service providers, and volunteers. Easily differentiate between participants added to a benefit schedule versus those in a specific benefit session, facilitating better logistical planning for all involved stakeholders.

Efficient Bulk Removal from Benefit Sessions

Say goodbye to manual efforts in removing participants from future benefit sessions. Utilize the Remove Participants from Schedule API for a swift and automated process. This not only eliminates the need for individual removal but also updates Benefit Schedule Assignment records and deletes related Benefit Disbursement records, saving valuable time.

Collaborative Sharing of Program Records

Promote collaboration within your organization with the enhanced Share button functionality. Program and Program Enrollment records can now be easily shared with selected users, fostering improved communication and collaboration on program-related details.

Improved Accessibility for External Users with Experience Cloud

Extend collaboration beyond organizational boundaries with external users in Experience Cloud sites. Benefit Schedule Assignments, Program Management, and Case Management objects are now accessible, providing external stakeholders with better visibility and streamlined collaboration across your entire organization.

Case Management

Unlock the potential of dynamic assessments within the Program object. Employ guided flows to seamlessly split Party Relationship Groups and automatically update associated records.

Enhance Program Management with Dynamic Assessments

Take advantage of dynamic assessments to elevate program functionalities. For instance, create targeted questionnaires to assess program-level feedback, enabling trend identification based on scores.

Efficiently Split Party Relationship Groups through Guided Workflows

Utilize the Split workflow to transfer members, related contacts, groups, and business accounts from one party relationship group to another existing group or a newly created group. Specify member roles and relationships, along with the relationships of associated contacts, groups, and business accounts in the split group. Review pertinent information such as cases and complaints linked to the original group, transfer necessary records to the split group, and establish reminder tasks for later record review.

Explore New and Enhanced Objects in Nonprofit Cloud Case Management

Maximize your capabilities with the introduction of new Case Management objects. These enhancements offer expanded functionalities and improved features for a more robust and efficient case management experience.

Outcome Management

Introducing Outcome Management, a revolutionary impact measurement tool that consolidates the definition, measurement, and evaluation of an organization’s outcome strategy in a unified platform. Establish time-bound targets, baseline values, and systematically track results. Ensure consistent measurement of key indicators across diverse outcomes or programs. Organize outcomes into groups, mirroring organizational strategies, such as logic models or outcomes of significance to external stakeholders.

Track Desired Outcomes and Efforts That Move the Needle

Efficiently monitor and steer the desired change with Outcomes. Utilize Outcome Activities to link outcomes to associated efforts, such as programs or benefits, contributing to the envisioned end goal.

Get a Holistic View of How Outcomes Contribute to Success

Employ Impact Strategies and Impact Strategy Assignments to group outcomes, offering a comprehensive view of your entire strategy in one location. Group outcomes to illustrate organizational logic models or theories of change. Alternatively, categorize outcomes based on your strategic plan or external stakeholder priorities.

Measure the Work You Do to Affect Change

Indicators serve as the yardstick for measuring outcomes. Develop a library of indicator definitions to ensure consistent impact measurement. Connect indicator definitions to multiple outcomes or programs to gauge various facets of your work. Utilize time-bound indicator performance periods to track starting points and desired endpoints when assessing your efforts.

Track Interim and Final Results

Include indicator results to monitor progress against time-bound targets and baseline values. Store aggregated values from assessments, program enrollments, benefit disbursements, and other data sources within results.

Get a Comprehensive View of Your Impact Strategy

Navigate the Outcome Management app home page to assess if your indicators align with targets, view recent indicator results, manage assessments, and more.

Watch Outcome Management Videos

Explore new educational videos that illuminate the capabilities of Outcome Management, assisting users in unlocking its full potential.

New Objects and Fields for Outcome Management

Discover expanded capabilities with the introduction of new Outcome Management objects. These additions empower users to achieve more within the Outcome Management framework.

Apsynergy-Gonexa Collaboration Reshapes Tax receipts for Non Profits

Apsynergy-Gonexa Collaboration Reshapes Tax receipts for Non Profits
Unveiling a Dynamic Partnership


Strategic partnerships play a pivotal role in driving innovation and efficiency. We are thrilled to announce the exciting partnership between Apsynergy, a premier Salesforce.org consultant partner, and Gonexa, a cutting-edge Salesforce ISV offering document management and document generation capabilities.

Optimizing Salesforce Capabilities

Apsynergy, known for its expertise in optimizing Salesforce capabilities, takes center stage in implementing Gonexa to enhance and streamline document management processes. Gonexa’s solutions offer a comprehensive approach to the entire document lifecycle, from creation to storage, featuring automated generation, electronic signatures, and seamless collaboration.

End-to-End Capabilities of Gonexa

Gonexa’s solutions provide end-to-end document management capabilities, covering everything from template creation to automated or individual document generation, electronic signatures, and seamless document storage and collaboration, plus Tax Receipts with Gonexa RF. This ensures a streamlined and efficient process that aligns seamlessly with Apsynergy’s commitment to delivering top-notch solutions.

Unlocking the Power of Electronic Signatures

One of the standout features of Gonexa is its electronic signature capability. In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, the ability to securely and legally sign documents electronically is paramount. Gonexa provides a reliable and compliant electronic signature solution, making the signing process not only efficient but also environmentally friendly by reducing paper usage.


The partnership between Apsynergy and Gonexa is a testament to the commitment to delivering top-notch solutions that empower non profits, NGOs and associations to thrive in the digital era.

5 Sessions not to be missed this year for French Touch Dreamin

Apsynergy Learning Logo - Free salesforce training
5 Sessions not to be missed this year for French Touch Dreamin

Hello Salesforce enthusiasts! I’m absolutely thrilled to share my 2 cents for the upcoming French Touch Dreamin event taking place in the heart of Paris on Nov 30th 2023. This community-focused Salesforce conference promises to be a hub of innovation, collaboration and inspiration, and I can’t wait to attend. Quite frankly, this event is the best Salesforce event of the year for the France market.

A huge shoutout and thanks to the incredible Salesforce community and organizers for putting together what is sure to be a memorable event: Jean Michel Mougeolle, Doria Hamelryk, Julie Boncour, Jean Marie Vital, to name a few.

Why French Touch Dreamin?

The primary allure of participating in French Touch Dreamin is the exceptional lineup of speakers who are experts in all facets of Salesforce. The carefully curated topics for discussion promise to provide insights that go beyond the ordinary, making this event a must-attend for anyone passionate about Salesforce.
But it’s not just about the sessions. The prospect of meeting face-to-face with fellow Salesforce experts I’ve been collaborating with remotely is an opportunity I can’t pass up. Building connections, sharing experiences, and exchanging ideas in person are invaluable aspects of such community-driven events.
Now, let’s delve into the exciting sessions awaiting us at French Touch Dreamin:

Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT API for your Salesforce Org:


I expect this session to fill up pretty fast. Don’t be late if you want a seat! We are going to learn how ChatGPT can elevate user interactions, automate responses, and streamline processes within Salesforce. I feel like I am now ready to unlock the power of conversational AI in the Salesforce environment.

From Zero to Hero Salesforce Data Cloud:

Data Cloud is arguably one of the hottest areas for Salesforce consultants and I am looking for every opportunity to sharpen my knowledge in this space. This session will suggest a roadmap for harnessing the full potential of Salesforce Data Cloud, offering practical tips and best practices for effective data management. Whether you’re starting fresh or looking to optimize your data strategy, this session is your guide to becoming a Salesforce Data Cloud hero.

AppExchange: What Does It Take to Publish Your First App?:

Dive into the world of Salesforce AppExchange with insights on what it takes to publish your first app. This session will guide aspiring developers and entrepreneurs through the essential steps, sharing success stories and pitfalls to avoid. Whether you’re dreaming of your app’s debut or already on the development journey, this session is your roadmap to AppExchange success.

10 Tips to Build Your Security Mindset:

In an era where data security is non-negotiable, this session is a must-attend. Gain insights into building a robust security mindset tailored for the Salesforce ecosystem. The session not only highlights key security principles but also provides practical tips for implementing security measures across your Salesforce org. Elevate your security game with these invaluable tips. Also I love Daniel Stange’s shoes!

Salesforce Roadmap: Where to Find It and How to Influence It?:

You probably have heard of the Salesforce Ideaexchange (ideas.salesforce.com). This is one way of influencing the Salesforce roadmap, I am curious as to what this session will take us through on this fascinating topic. Get your voice heard brothers and sisters!

In conclusion, French Touch Dreamin 2023 promises not only to be a gathering of minds but a platform for active participation, learning, and sharing within the Salesforce community. I eagerly await the chance to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the collective growth of the Ohana in the beautiful city of Paris. See you at French Touch Dreamin!

Getting started with Salesforce.org and the Non Profit Cloud

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Getting started with Salesforce.org and the Non Profit Cloud
Hello Apsynergy Learners!

The topic of the day: Getting started with Salesforce.org and the Non Profit Cloud

Only available in french

Here is what you will learn in this free salesforce training course:
Raphael in Tirana

Apsynergy Learning is dedicated to simplifying the journey for Salesforce enthusiasts eager to explore Salesforce.org and the Non Profit Cloud. Our primary objective is to welcome Salesforce professionals to our platform and provide them with free Salesforce education. We firmly believe in the Salesforce Ohana principle, which emphasizes the importance of community and collaboration. Our aim is to share our wealth of knowledge with aspiring young professionals. Who knows, they may find themselves inspired to collaborate with us on some of our projects! As an organization continually in need of skilled Salesforce developers, we recognize that by offering valuable content, we can foster a thriving community of Salesforce enthusiasts, both in English and French.

We are passionate about extending the benefits of high-quality, free Salesforce training to the French-speaking Salesforce community. While initially focusing on delivering content in French, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to share this valuable resource in English as well.

Apsynergy is not limited to online resources alone. We also offer the option to develop custom on-site and online training solutions tailored to our customers’ specific needs.  You can easily stay informed about our latest offerings by subscribing to our YouTube Channel

In this video presentation, Raphael Wulff, a Salesforce coach, founder, and CEO of apsynergy.com—a certified Salesforce partner with a decade of experience—will guide you through the essential steps for Getting started with Salesforce.org and the Non Profit Cloud. Joining the Apsynergy Learning platform is completely free, granting you access to a treasure trove of free Salesforce training videos, informative presentations, and engaging quizzes. We are dedicated to helping you learn Salesforce without any cost, month after month.

Apsynergy Learning stands as a beacon in the world of Salesforce education, offering a comprehensive and free platform tailored to Salesforce developers and beginners alike. We recognize that the path to becoming a Salesforce expert is paved with knowledge, and our mission is to facilitate that journey for everyone. With a commitment to helping individuals build rewarding careers, we empower them to learn Salesforce at no cost, enabling continuous growth week by week, one Salesforce learning session at a time.

Your support in spreading the word about our blog post, particularly one that delves into the intricacies of Salesforce.org and Non Profit Cloud, would be greatly appreciated. We encourage you to share this post with friends and colleagues who share an enthusiasm for Salesforce.

Furthermore, we eagerly await your feedback and questions, which you can share in the comments section below the post. Your insights and inquiries are invaluable to us as we strive to enhance our content and address your specific needs.

Thank you for your interest and engagement. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay informed about each new release of free Salesforce training content. Together, we embark on this Salesforce learning journey, equipped with knowledge and fueled by a passion for CRM excellence.

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Apsynergy and FinDock Join Forces

Apsynergy and FinDock Join Forces
Introduction: FinDock and Apsynergy Partnership

FinDock, a leading payment management platform, and Apsynergy, a salesforce.org consulting partner based in France have recently formalized a partnership agreement.

FinDock's Payment Management Platform

The partnership between FinDock and Apsynergy makes perfect sense. FinDock’s payment management platform is a powerful tool that helps non profits manage their payment processes more efficiently, while Apsynergy’s expertise in Salesforce solutions complements FinDock’s offering by providing clients with comprehensive, end-to-end solutions: Salesforce and Findock configuration and deployment.

Expanded Range of Services and Solutions

One of the key benefits of the partnership is that both companies will work together to promote their joint services and solutions to potential clients, leveraging each other’s strengths to expand their reach and customer base.

Moreover, the partnership also includes enablement, which means that Apsynergy will receive training and support from FinDock to ensure that they are up-to-date on the latest features and functionalities of the payment management platform. This will enable Apsynergy to provide even better service to their clients and ensure that they are getting the most out of the platform.

Apsynergy and Vera Solutions Team Up: Partnership announcement

Apsynergy and Vera Solutions Team Up: Partnership announcement

Apsynergy, leading Salesforce.org systems integrator based in France is excited to announce its partnership with Vera Solutions, a social enterprise providing cloud and mobile solutions that help social sector organizations better track their impact.

An Introduction to Amp Impact

Amp Impact is a powerful and innovative product that is specifically designed for the social sector, and it runs on the Salesforce platform. The goal of Amp Impact is to increase transparency between donors and implementers, while also helping funders understand the impact of their grants. It does this by providing a centralized, cloud-based system for tracking and analyzing data related to funding and program implementation.

Apsynergy's Role in the Partnership: Implementing and Supporting Amp Impact

As an implementation partner, Apsynergy will be responsible for referring prospective clients to procure subscriptions/licenses from Vera directly. In addition to referring clients, Apsynergy will also be providing technology implementation and integration, training, and support services to support the implementation of Vera’s cloud-based software for clients. This partnership will allow Apsynergy to expand its offerings and provide a wider range of solutions to its clients.

We are confident that this partnership will bring significant benefits to France based associations, foundations, non profits. We are excited to see the change that Amp Impact will have on the social sector here. If you are interested in learning more about Apsynergy and Amp Impact and how it can help your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

How to connect Mailchimp and Salesforce with Zapier

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How to connect Mailchimp and Salesforce with Zapier
Hello Apsynergy Learners!

The topic of the day: How to connect Mailchimp and Salesforce with Zapier

Only available in french

Here is what you will learn in this free salesforce training course:
Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 09.13.12

Apsynergy Learning’s goal is to onboard as many Salesforce professionals to join the platform and learn salesforce for free! Why because we believe in the Salesforce Ohana principal and want to share our knowledge with young professionals and who knows maybe they will be happy to work with us and on board one of our projects! We always need new skilled Salesforce developers and therefore we believe that by sharing great content we can create a vibrant community of Salesforce developers in English as well as in French. We believe that the french Salesforce community deserves to have access to high-quality free salesforce training and be able to learn salesforce for free. While doing it in French we thought it was too bad not to share it also in English.

Apsynergy can develop on-site and online custom training for its customers, we will also continue to release free salesforce training content every month. You can always stay up to date with new Videos by subscribing to our YouTube Channel

In this Video, Raphael Wulff, salesforce coach, founder, and CEO at apsynergy.com a 10 years salesforce certified partner will tell you all you need to learn about connecting Salesforce with Mailchimp using Zapier. Joining the Apsynergy Learning platform is entirely Free. You will access Free Salesforce Training Videos, Presentations, and Quiz. Every month Apsynergy helps you learn salesforce for free.

Connecter Mailchimp et Salesforce avec Zapier

Apsynergy Learning is a Free Salesforce training platform for salesforce developers or even beginners willing to educate themselves and progress in their professional path to become a salesforce expert. Apsynergy’s learning mission is to help everyone build a career, learn Salesforce for free and keep learning, progressing every week, one salesforce learning session at a time. Apsynergy learning will publish free salesforce training every month in French and English.

We would be very grateful if you could share this blog post with your friends and colleagues willing to learn more about Salesforce and especially today about connecting Salesforce and Mailchimp using Zapier

We would love to receive feedback and questions in the comments section.

Thanks for your interest, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be aware every time we release free salesforce training content.

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