Aspynergy’s dedication to holistic solutions is underscored by strategic partnerships with FinDock, Gonexa, Gridmate, and Vera Solutions.

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Aspynergy 2023: A look in the rear view mirror: New Salesforce Projects and Partnerships, Empowering Non Profits Across France

In the ever changing landscape of the nonprofit sector, Aspynergy has emerged as a pivotal player, driving impactful change through strategic partnerships and collaborative projects with new clients in the nonprofit space. This year, Aspynergy’s commitment to fostering effective mission achievement has been exemplified through innovative solutions and comprehensive training programs.

Parcours Alpha: Optimizing Donor Management with Givexpert-Salesforce Integration


Aspynergy’s focus on enhancing the management of donations took center stage with the integration of Givexpert into Parcours Alpha’s Salesforce ecosystem. This seamless integration ensures that every donation made on the Parcours Alpha website effortlessly syncs with Salesforce, creating opportunities, contacts, and payment records. This not only minimizes manual data entry but also ensures precision and speed in collecting donor information. Read More about the Givexpert Salesforce integration.


Fondation de France: Knowledge Transfer for Autonomous Teams


Beyond project implementations, Aspynergy extended its impact through extensive training programs. The Fondation de France benefited from an 11-week training initiative covering Salesforce fundamentals, security, automation, and Vera Solutions’ Amp Impact. This knowledge transfer positions the Fondation de France at the forefront of nonprofits leveraging technology for social impact.


Secours Catholique: Accelerating Salesforce Adoption

A flagship project for Aspynergy involved migrating Secours Catholique from a legacy project management tool to the Salesforce platform, leveraging “Outbound Funds.” The setup of the Outbound Funds application and the integration of Gridmate from the Salesforce AppExchange marked crucial milestones. These tools empowered Secours Catholique to manage outgoing funds with precision and gain advanced data visualization capabilities, laying the groundwork for improved decision-making and streamlined operations.

Strategic Partnerships: FinDock, Gonexa, Gridmate, and Vera Solutions

Aspynergy’s dedication to holistic solutions is underscored by strategic partnerships with FinDock, Gonexa, Gridmate, and Vera Solutions.


– The collaboration with FinDock introduced a powerful payment management platform seamlessly integrated with Salesforce. This synergy optimizes payment processes, allowing organizations to focus on their core missions.

– Partnering with Gonexa addressed nonprofit organizations’ document management needs, including Tax Receipts, streamlining processes for enhanced efficiency and compliance.

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