Apsynergy partners with Gridmate to bump up the Salesforce UI/UX for non profits

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Apsynergy partners with Gridmate to bump up the Salesforce UI/UX for non profits

In a transformative collaboration, Apsynergy has teamed up with GridMate, renowned for library of Lightning components designed to streamline data management through a user-friendly interface.

Apsynergy: Elevating Nonprofits through Salesforce Best Practices

Apsynergy stands out as a Salesforce consultant partner committed to assisting non-profit organizations in focusing on their core mission. By expertly managing the Salesforce platform, Apsynergy ensures that nonprofits can leverage the full power of Salesforce without the burden of platform complexities. Their mission is to empower nonprofits by providing tailored Salesforce solutions, allowing them to optimize their operations and amplify their impact.

The initial use case for implementing Gridmate came about while discussing with one of our non profit customers. The requirement to replace a legacy application with Salesforce led Apsynergy to recommend using Gridmate instead of developing bespoke User Interface Lightning Web Components (LWC).

GridMate: Data Management with Actionable UI/UX

GridMate, on the other hand, presents a suite of Lightning components known for their ability to simplify intricate data management tasks. At the heart of GridMate’s offerings are features that elevate the Salesforce experience for users:

Grid Inline Editing:

Easily configure your data grid for inline editing on any object within your organization. This feature empowers users to make real-time changes without the need for cumbersome processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Grid Mass Action:

Execute mass actions such as creating, editing, cloning, deleting, emailing, and approvals seamlessly. This functionality extends to existing quick actions, providing a comprehensive toolkit for managing data at scale.

User Grid:

Customize your grid with features like filters, sorting criteria, grouping, conditional coloring, column freezing, and more – reminiscent of familiar functionalities found in spreadsheet applications. This flexibility ensures that users can tailor their experience based on their unique needs, much like working with Excel.

100% Native to Salesforce Lightning:

GridMate takes pride in being entirely native to Salesforce Lightning, ensuring a seamless and integrated user experience. This commitment to native components reflects in the platform’s performance and responsiveness, providing users with the best possible experience.

GridMate's Gift of 5 Free Lifetime Licenses

Eligible non-profit organizations are now presented with an exclusive opportunity to acquire five complimentary lifetime licenses of GridMate. This initiative underscores GridMate’s steadfast commitment to empowering non-profits by providing them with cutting-edge tools. These licenses are strategically designed to elevate and refine their data management capabilities, aligning with GridMate’s mission to support organizations in making a lasting impact through efficient and user-friendly solutions.

The partnership between Apsynergy and GridMate brings forth a powerful combination, aligning Apsynergy’s expertise in Salesforce consulting for nonprofits with GridMate’s innovative Lightning components. Moreover, Gridmate offer non profit specific pricing which makes it affordable for such end users. Nonprofit organizations can now leverage the simplicity of GridMate’s UI/UX enhancements while benefitting from Apsynergy’s tailored Salesforce solutions.

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