Getting started with and the Non Profit Cloud

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Getting started with and the Non Profit Cloud
Hello Apsynergy Learners!

The topic of the day: Getting started with and the Non Profit Cloud

Only available in french

Here is what you will learn in this free salesforce training course:
Raphael in Tirana

Apsynergy Learning is dedicated to simplifying the journey for Salesforce enthusiasts eager to explore and the Non Profit Cloud. Our primary objective is to welcome Salesforce professionals to our platform and provide them with free Salesforce education. We firmly believe in the Salesforce Ohana principle, which emphasizes the importance of community and collaboration. Our aim is to share our wealth of knowledge with aspiring young professionals. Who knows, they may find themselves inspired to collaborate with us on some of our projects! As an organization continually in need of skilled Salesforce developers, we recognize that by offering valuable content, we can foster a thriving community of Salesforce enthusiasts, both in English and French.

We are passionate about extending the benefits of high-quality, free Salesforce training to the French-speaking Salesforce community. While initially focusing on delivering content in French, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to share this valuable resource in English as well.

Apsynergy is not limited to online resources alone. We also offer the option to develop custom on-site and online training solutions tailored to our customers’ specific needs.  You can easily stay informed about our latest offerings by subscribing to our YouTube Channel

In this video presentation, Raphael Wulff, a Salesforce coach, founder, and CEO of—a certified Salesforce partner with a decade of experience—will guide you through the essential steps for Getting started with and the Non Profit Cloud. Joining the Apsynergy Learning platform is completely free, granting you access to a treasure trove of free Salesforce training videos, informative presentations, and engaging quizzes. We are dedicated to helping you learn Salesforce without any cost, month after month.

Apsynergy Learning stands as a beacon in the world of Salesforce education, offering a comprehensive and free platform tailored to Salesforce developers and beginners alike. We recognize that the path to becoming a Salesforce expert is paved with knowledge, and our mission is to facilitate that journey for everyone. With a commitment to helping individuals build rewarding careers, we empower them to learn Salesforce at no cost, enabling continuous growth week by week, one Salesforce learning session at a time.

Your support in spreading the word about our blog post, particularly one that delves into the intricacies of and Non Profit Cloud, would be greatly appreciated. We encourage you to share this post with friends and colleagues who share an enthusiasm for Salesforce.

Furthermore, we eagerly await your feedback and questions, which you can share in the comments section below the post. Your insights and inquiries are invaluable to us as we strive to enhance our content and address your specific needs.

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Zoom and Salesforce integration

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zoom and salesforce integration
How to set up zoom and salesforce integration

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that can be used through a computer desktop or mobile app, and allows users to connect online for video conference meetings, webinars and live chat.

Salesforce native zoom APP

As a salesforce user, you are probably wondering, is there any salesforce and zoom integration available?

Salesforce is already a widely used CRM and marketing platform, with Zoom now being added as an additional integration. With this native integration, users can host Zoom meetings without having to log out of their salesforce platform.. Zoom app is available throught the Salesforce AppExchange and the Zoom Marketplace

Benefits of integrating salesforce with zoom

This integration will allow you to:

  • Start an instant zoom meeting from an event, lead or contact page.
  • Synchronize any zoom meeting to salesforce automatically updating records.
  • automate syncing zoom webinar attendee information and webinar registration.
  • Feature to connect with google calendar.
Set up Zoom for Salesforce

Below is a list of steps to be followed to install and set up the zoom application in your salesforce instance:

  1. Install App: from AppEXchange click on “Get it Now” and install the App
  2. Configure zoom app in Salesforce: login to zoom web portal as an account administrator and genarate the ” API KEY” and “API secret” that will be used to connect your salesforce instance with zoom.
  3. Set up user access: by default, all users have the permission to use the salesforce connected app, however you can change the default permission to limit access to specific users in your organization.
Salesforce and Zoom Webinars

The Zoom integration automatically creates Salesforce campaigns when you create Zoom webinars, and uses the webinar name as the campaign title.

You can:

  • View approved, blocked, pending registrants.
  • Approve or deny registrants.
  • Add webinar registrants as campaign members.
  • Create new leads.

You can register attendees by:

  • Login in into the zoom web portal, schedule a webinar; and sendig the registration link to the attendees
  • Add contacts and leads to the selected webinar using the Add to webinar button.

You can register attendees by:

  • Login in into the zoom web portal, schedule a webinar; and sendig the registration link to the attendees
  • Add contacts and leads to the selected webinar using the Add to webinar button.

How to create Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce​

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How to create Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce
Hello Apsynergy Learners!

The topic of the day: Working with Reports and Dashboards

Only available in french

learn how to create Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce

Here is what you will learn in this free salesforce training course:
Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 09.12.35

Apsynergy Learning’s goal is to onboard as many Salesforce professionals to join the platform and learn salesforce for free! Why because we believe in the Salesforce Ohana principal and want to share our knowledge with young professionals and who knows maybe they will be happy to work with us and on board one of our projects! We always need new skilled Salesforce developers and therefore we believe that by sharing great content we can create a vibrant community of Salesforce developers in English as well as in French. We believe that the french Salesforce community deserves to have access to high-quality free salesforce training and be able to learn salesforce for free. While doing it in French we thought it was too bad not to share it also in English.

Apsynergy can develop on-site and online custom training for its customers, we will also continue to release free salesforce training content every month. You can always stay up to date with new Videos by subscribing to our YouTube Channel

In this Video, Stéphane Tiger, a salesforce expert for over 12 years will tell you all you need to learn about Reports and Dashboards. Joining the Apsynergy Learning platform is entirely Free. You will access Free Salesforce Training Videos, Presentations, and Quizzes. Every month Apsynergy helps you learn salesforce for free.


Apsynergy Learning is a Free Salesforce training platform for salesforce developers or even beginners willing to educate themselves and progress in their professional path to become a salesforce expert. Apsynergy’s learning mission is to help everyone build a career, learn Salesforce for free and keep learning, progressing every week, one salesforce learning session at a time. Apsynergy learning will publish free salesforce training every month in French and English.

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Optimize your donation collection with Salesforce and Givexpert

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Optimize your donation collection with Salesforce and Givexpert

A good fundraising tool will give donors access to a connected, externally facing place where they can fill out information and submit donations to you. Salesforce CRM can be a powerful tool for your constituent management and fundraising arsenal, however Salesforce lacks a simple integration between a payment page – Givexpert- and Salesforce to automate your donation inputs into the CRM.

What is Givexpert?

Givexpert is an online fundraising application that provides the most advanced solutions to optimize donation collection. (Donation forms, registration forms…)

Givexpert provides to you:

Why would you use this integration?

This integration allows you to benefit from 10 free licenses offered by Salesforce (how? click here), plus Givexpert, a digital fundraising specialist, allowing mobilization and collection of donations.

Implementation of Salesforce and Givexpert.
  1. Deploy Salesforce with Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).
  2. Deploy Givexpert
  3. Contact Apsynergy to install the Salesforce Givexpert integration package.
How does it work?

This integration installs on your Salesforce instance as a package. This automatically allows donations collected through Givexpert to be populated in Salesforce as Contacts, Opportunities, Recurring Donations.

This integration will retrieve the most recent donations, once an hour, by examining the Givexpert API and retrieving this data in Salesforce objects, which will be immediately processed: identifying duplicate contacts, creating one (if not a duplicate), creating the opportunity for one-time donations, creating the recurring donation for those who donate monthly, and updating the opportunities related to recurring donations in month 2, month 3, etc.

Let’s take the example of a Recurring Donation:
Step 1

Fill in all the information in the form (ex: first name, last name …) in order to make a donation. Choose a payment method and validate.

Step 2

Go to Salesforce and synchronize, Salesforce will automatically create a closed/ won donation, and all the upcoming donations.

Step 3

Salesforce will create a new contact or update a contact if it existed.

How to configure a tax receipt for nonprofit

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How to configure a tax receipt for nonprofit organizations in salesforce

Salesforce is a highly configurable platform that comes out of the box with amazing features for nonprofits such as:

However, Salesforce lacks the ability to generate a tax receipt so that donors can benefit from a tax deduction.

In this webinar with Imane hellou , Raphael wulff and Christophe Schmitt you will learn how you can easily customize Salesforce so that nonprofit organizations can generate tax receipts by using point and click customization.

Key insights include:

  • Developing an application (Tax receipts) without coding
  • Automating the creation of a tax receipt using Flow Builder and point and click configuration
  • Leveraging the automatic PDF gerenating and sending capabilities of the A5 Documents application from the Appexchange

The speakers of this webinar are :
Raphael Wulff: Coach salesforce
Imane Hellou: Salesforce Technical Consultant
Christophe Schmitt: Account Executive

How To Get 10 Free Salesforce Licenses For Non-Profits From

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How To Get 10 Free Salesforce Licenses For Non-Profits From

Salesforce Provides 10 Free Enterprise Edition Licenses For Nonprofits

When a nonprofit organization needs to make a fundraising campaign, they need to spend time and resources on creating the fundraising campaign. But with 10 free Enterprise Edition licenses of, nonprofits can use the Salesforce platform to create campaigns in minutes.

Salesforce has been providing technology for nonprofits for years to empower nonprofits and their volunteers with the right tools and knowledge.

The program is designed to make it easier for nonprofits to use Salesforce technology and empower them with the tools they need to better serve their communities.

Qualified nonprofit organizations can apply for an Enterprise Edition license at no cost through the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack website.


The salesforce free licenses are for eligible nonprofits.

First of all, you need to be an eligible nonprofit organization to receive the free licenses. you can check your eligibility here.

What is Power of Us?
The Power of Us program gives nonprofit organizations access to Salesforce products and ressources to help expand their collective impact.
Signing Up
Step 1- signup for trial version

Once you confirm your eligibility, go straight to and sign up for the free trial.

Click here to sign up. Fill the form to begin with the free trial.

After you sign up you will get an email with access information.

Step 2- Apply to the Power of Us program
  • Log into the Power of Us Hub using your newly created Salesforce username and password by going to powerofus-force.
  •  Go to Power of Us Program Application page (click here) to begin the application.
  •  Applications to the Power of Us program must be submitted within the 30 Day trial period.

      What happens after I fill out the application?

  • After you fill out the form you will receive a reply that your Application request has been received.
  • You will receive a reply that your Application request has been received within 5-7 business days. Please make sure you have all Nonprofit Organization or Education Institution documentation ready and scanned.
Step 3- Approval
After your Application request has been received you will need to wait for your Application to be approved. This can take up to three weeks. If you are approved you should receive an email message from
Power of Us program overview
  • The Power of Us program includes:

  • 10 free Entreprise Edition licenses of Sales Cloud
  • Deep discounts on additional licenses, products and/or services from Salesforce
  • Discount on salesforce training
  • Discount on salesforce events
  • Access to Nonprofit and Higher Education specific user groups, events and webinars
  • Discounts on participating Apps and Consulting Partners from the AppExchange


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