How to configure a tax receipt for nonprofit

How to configure a tax receipt for nonprofit organizations in salesforce

Salesforce is a highly configurable platform that comes out of the box with amazing features for nonprofits such as:

However, Salesforce lacks the ability to generate a tax receipt so that donors can benefit from a tax deduction.

In this webinar with Imane hellou , Raphael wulff and Christophe Schmitt you will learn how you can easily customize Salesforce so that nonprofit organizations can generate tax receipts by using point and click customization.

Key insights include:

  • Developing an application (Tax receipts) without coding
  • Automating the creation of a tax receipt using Flow Builder and point and click configuration
  • Leveraging the automatic PDF gerenating and sending capabilities of the A5 Documents application from the Appexchange

The speakers of this webinar are :
Raphael Wulff: Coach salesforce
Imane Hellou: Salesforce Technical Consultant
Christophe Schmitt: Account Executive

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