Pages layouts and lightning pages – Free Salesforce Training

Pages layouts and lightning pages – Free Salesforce Training

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The topic of the day:  Pages layouts and lightning pages – Free Salesforce Training

Also available in French!

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Pages layouts and lightning pages – Free Salesforce Training
Pages layouts and lightning pages
– Free Salesforce Training
Hello Apsynergy Learners!
We have some fresh free salesforce training for you today!
Learn how to work with salesforce page layouts and lightning pages.

Here is what you will learn in this free salesforce training:

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Free Salesforce Training in French and English for All!

Apsynergy Learning’s goal is to onboard as many Salesforce professionals to join the platform and learn salesforce for free! Because we believe in the Salesforce Ohana principal and want to share our knowledge with young professionals and who knows, they will be happy to work with us and on board one of our projects! We always need new skilled Salesforce developers. Therefore, we believe that by sharing great content, we can create a vibrant community of Salesforce developers in English and French. We believe that the french Salesforce community deserves to have access to high-quality free salesforce training and be able to learn salesforce for free. While doing it in French we thought it was too bad not to share it also in English.

Apsynergy can develop on-site and online custom training for its customers, we will also continue to release free salesforce training content every month. You can always stay up to date with new Videos by subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

In this Video, Raphael Wulff, salesforce coach, founder, and CEO at a 10 years salesforce certified partner will tell you all you need to know to properly use Salesforce page layouts and lightning pages. Joining the Apsynergy Learning platform is completely Free. You will access Free Salesforce Training Videos, Presentations, and Quiz. Every month Apsynergy helps you learn salesforce for free.

Apsynergy Learning is a Free Salesforce training platform for salesforce developers or even beginners willing to educate themselves and progress in their professional path to become salesforce experts. Apsynergy’s learning mission is to help everyone build a career, learn Salesforce for free and keep learning, progressing every week, one salesforce learning session at a time. Apsynergy learning will publish free salesforce training every month in French and English.

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